@garyclarkjr is amazing live. Learn more about him in his @myspace #OneTwoWatch episode here.

(VIDEO) “Bright Lights” LIVE below:

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#GetItTogether is my fave #BeastieBoys & @QTiptheabstract of A Tribe Called Quest record. Performed here LIVE at Tibetan Freedom Concert in 1996. #RIPMCA – condolences out to those closest to you.

Listen to more classics as a tribute here on the

“Best of Beastie Boys” Playlist.


@mathaimusic cover of “Oridinary People” written by @johnlegend & @iamwill #TheVoice – I liked this longer acoustic version than the one she performed on NBC below. I can imagine how nervous one could get performing it live in a competition setting.

The full recorded version is also a little better – just bought it off I-Tunes. Yes, bought. 😉 Cheers Mathai – looking forward to seeing you live one day, let me know when you are playing here in LA-

Mathai’s Voice performance on the LIVE show as one of Adam Levine’s team members:

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@JustBlaze talks @JayElectronica, @Drake, @XtotheV, Producing, EDM filmed by @HARDKNOCKTV

Interview by @NickHuff

For more: myspace.com/justblazeradio

@bjthechicagokid Shot by Daylan Williams. #BJtheChicagoKid

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